It is the story of two 8,000s and Shakila.

In 2019, seven mountaineers from Italian-Pak expedition were pushing for the summit of 5,800m Melvin Jones Peak in Pakistan when an avalanche swept them down for 600m. Three members of the team were from Shimshal. One of them lost his life on the spot. His name was Imtiyaz Ali. His sister Shakila Numa barely survived the accident.

Degrading relationship of India and Pakistan and the way forward.

Right now, in India and Pakistan, there is one battle being fought by the soldiers at the border and another battle being fought on tv and social media. For the past many days, I have been following hashtags and trends on Twitter. My head is about to explode. I want to say something. I type a few words but then erase them. Then I write something again and publish but then delete it. Basically, my question is why is there so much hatred around?

There have been calls for the destruction of the enemy on the other side of the…

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, are we travelling to expand our perspectives or to impress others?

Our foraging ancestors were constantly on the move in search of food and lived life as nomads migrating from one place to another. So migration and exploration are in our genes but after the agricultural revolution, humans began to settle down in permanent homes. Back in the time, travel served a specific purpose — mainly trade, education, exploring new territories and routes, or making the pilgrimage. It was only after the industrial revolution that the idea of recreational travel took off.

Now, tourism is one of the world’s largest industries. Business travel accounts for only about 15 % of all…

What does it really mean to be happy?

At Moraine Lake, ten jagged peaks surround the turquoise blue waters as if they have crowned the lake as the Queen of the Canadian Rockies. The mountain tops cling to clouds for the fear of getting stripped naked in the public. I sit on top of a rock and take a deep breath. Space expands and things get quieter in my head. I am in the company of trees, rocks, and grass as we all look in amazement at the magnificent beauty we behold before us. We all become eyes only. There is no past. There is no future. …

People often ask me, “don’t you sometimes feel lonely on a long journey like this when you are always on your own?”

Sometimes I get astonished by this question as loneliness has never occurred to me on the road. When I am out on the road I am always absorbed by something — the landscape, reflections of my past, what I think about the world, or merely enjoying the sheer happiness of being alone.

I am alone, not lonely. In aloneness, I can have a word with myself. I can contemplate and let my positive and negative sides have a…

Once upon a time, back in the late 1480s, when the founder of the Sikh religion Baba Guru Nanak was in his teenage years, his father Mehta Kalu gave him twenty rupees and asked him to go buy goods from another village and sell them for profit. Baba Guru Nanak left home. On the way, he came across a village where locals were starving. Instead of doing business he bought food supplies and fed the hungry people for free. This was the beginning of the “Guru ka Langar!” tradition. …

A convert Muslim ties knots with a convert Buddhist.

“Ricardo knows that my Spanish isn’t good, but I don’t need to say a lot. All I want to say is that I love you with all my heart and that I will always love you!” says Johnny.

“Johnny, the love I feel for you is endless,“ replies Ricardo after a pause.

Johnny is from Arizona. He is a convert Muslim. Ricardo is from Mexico City, and a convert Buddhist. They first met a year ago at an Interfaith convention in Edmonton and then at the 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto during the first week of November. …

I see a swami talking to an indigenous man in colourful regalia — a Christian priest shaking hands with a Sikh — a rabbi talking about the need to overcome the ongoing Islamophobia — and a Muslim scholar condemning the recent terrorist attack on a synagogue. Hundreds of people sit together on the floor of the Langar Hall and share communal food regardless of their skin colour or spiritual background. Not far away, several dozen people from different parts of the world have transcended religion in the Universal Dance of Peace ceremony, holding hands together and dancing in concentric circles…

The story of a man who claims to have had an IQ of over 1000, his encounters with the aliens, and how he saved the world more than one time.

That day, when I left the Canyonlands National Park in the morning, I was expecting it to be an easy ride. After all, it was all descent. Descent it was, but my GPS device led me onto the backroads with no traffic where I had to push the bicycle through deep sand for hours. I ditched the GPS course and took a shortcut to Highway 191, but there was no shoulder to ride onto for many miles and on top of that, I struggled to keep the bike in the straight line due to the strong sidewind.

Why shouldn’t others ask us “why” we do “what” we do?

“So, why are you doing this?” someone asks me. I take a deep breath and try to remember my past. My eyes scan the surrounding for some visual clues, and get hooked to a giant screen displaying “Welcome to Facebook!”

It is a hot day. I am rolling a tyre in the street of Layyah. A hard slap hits my face. The bicycle crashes into a rickshaw. My hand slips from hers. The mountains are full of snow, the river, of blood. “Remember, you are the son of a labourer!” I bury my head in the books. Someone drags me…

Kamran on Bike

I’m a cyclist photographer sharing stories of the world through pictures and words. I have cycled 50,000 km through 43 countries.

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